Hi, I'm Ruben. I'm a 27 year-old father to a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. As a young boy I dreamed of becoming someone famous. Which I imagine we all felt at one time or another. So i went to a private catholic high school, then ventured to a private college to follow my dream of being on television. I never did make it or finish college for that matter. I have learn to establish my self in the corporate world by not letting society define who I would become. I have been a very successful individual who understood hard work and established himself in a fortune 500 company and took his knowledge and expertise to a whole other level. I have alot to say, and alot to share so join my blog as I speak of the things that not only help me along in my journey but could help open the eyes of others who get caught up in letting society define who that person should and would become.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ask about time travel?....WE TIME TRAVEL DAILY!....we speak of the universe but fail to see everything is its own universe

Everything is time travel. Everything is its own universe. Did you ever sit back an wonder, "wow I just made great time to work". That phrase in it self is time travel in the sense that you have control of how long some thing can take you....YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF TIME! You must understand that time is what your mind tells you time is. When you have no watch and no clock.....does time really exist? Time takes on so many different meanings when it is applied to different situations. For example some may say going to college for four years will happen in a blink of an eye......while put in a different context some may say that going to prison for four years would be unbearable and an eternity.....How could time have such different meaning when applied to different situations? Another great example would be how we speak of a lifetime an how you have this entire long life to accomplish goals an mile stones...When put into perspective with changes in the universe our life spans are nothing more then mere milliseconds. The point I get at is that time is what we make time. We can not travel back in time because everything in existence only runs one way, that being forward. Now onto my second topic.....We all be in the grand big universe filled with stars, planets, asteroid, moons, and so on. Did you ever stop to think that every aspect of our life is a different universe. Today as I drove home from my mother in laws house on the expressway I thought to myself, "am I saving enough for retirement....". These are my "universal worries"...in other parts of the world there are people living in there "universial" worries of having enough to eat or how there country is in civil war an blood color the streets. Every bodies universe is different....lets take it down to a smaller level......a disease such as cancer begins in your body and ends up taking over it to the point where the body dies....you can think of the body as a plant or universe being run over by a spieces in its own interest to the point where the body or the universe is driven to the point of extisoion......we control time an all millions of universe that exist in our everyday lives....open your eyes an see what true reality is, an not what others tell you it is.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do you really need that i Phone?

Just the other day i was walking through the mall Christmas shopping when i noticed all these people with smart phones.... I understand the day when a executive, a lawyer, or a business man had a palm pilot or a blackberry because he really needed it, but today I see teenagers, mothers, even the elderly with these smart phone that they really don't need. I have a simple Cricket phone.... it makes calls, takes pictures and sends messages and has a full key board, and it works fine. I just don't understand what people need all that technology, do you really need to update your status on Facebook about what your eating in the mall food court, or do you have to tell all your friends who's ex boyfriend they spotted in the mall with a new chick, not really. Maybe I'm just old fashion but i think its a waste of money to have all this garbage on your phone. Just the other day I had a co-worker ask me how much i was spending on my wireless phone, i told him forty five dollars flat. You have seen how big his eyes open when I made this statement when he replied that he was spending around eighty nine dollars a month with AT&T and was locked in for two years. I bet he regrets being swiped up by the hoopla of smart phones, I know that I wont. I just feel people could put there money to better use, for instance there's people waiting for the bus but are holding a smart phone, why not invest that money to get a car to get them off the bus...... or to at least get some new shoes. Just remember the next time you go to walk into an apple store or any cellular store for that matter, ask yourself....do I really need all that stuff on my phone?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving? Really.....?

Awww its that time of the year again, when we all get together and give thanks for all we have and enjoy......or at least that's what it suppose to be about. Last time i checked it seems like all that everyone is worried about is watching football, eating until they can't breath, and in my family at least getting drunk. Is this what Thanksgiving has become? I won't lie I'm a busy man, I have two little monsters in my two young kids, I work as a loading trainer at my job, and i run all errands from grocery shopping to making diaper runs but i still like to find time to have one decent meal a day with my family. I truly think Thanksgiving is everyday except for the actual day of Thanksgiving. I don't no it could just be my personal experience but Thanksgiving has almost become to commerical, to fake, I remember of a time when this holiday would bring great joy to me as a young boy, sitting down with my whole family around, my grandmother making sure i ate some turkey and not just mash potatoes, my brother and my cousins playing video games, my sister making sure everyone was okay and had everything they needed to enjoy themselves and there food, and my parents actually getting along without being at each others necks. I guess alot of things have changed since those fond memories, for this holiday will be much different, much lonelier, my brother is in prison serving 3 and a half years on a fire arm charge, my sister passed away this pass spring after losing her battle with cancer, and my grandmother is in a nursing home with signs of alltimers, but i still have things to be grateful for, my Young son Ruben, who came into this world not breathing when life shot into him a minute and a half after being born, my beautiful daughter Claudia (named after my late older sister) who is so cute and beautiful she could light up my day even  when i can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders, and of course i couldn't forget about my beautiful Fiance Dalia who no matter what goes on between us and whatever circumstances we go through she is always standing by my side. My intention wasn't to tarnish Thanksgiving Day or ruin it for anybody,  but i just want people to think on this holiday what there truly thankful for, not just that they have the day off, get to watch football, and eat until there belt buckle busts; but to reflect on the years events and see through all the adversity and problems they may have had and think of what great things happened and what there truly thankful for...... I  know I will......Will You?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Roads in Life We All Travel...

I Once sat in a class room... i once dreamed of working in L.A. I once paid $8,500 a semester at a private college to learn the tricks and professional way to using a television camera. I dreamed one day of taping movies, sporting events, porn, and all the great things people pay great money to have a professional camera man to tape. 4 years later i got kicked out of college... lost a girlfriend, found the woman of my dream, had two kids and started to climb a fortune 500 company's ladder. What I'm trying to get at is that we all make these plans of what our life will one day be... but how many of us never end up doing what our parents or even us wanted us to do when we grew up. Some times i ponder what my life would have been had i finished school, moved to L.A. and found the job of my dreams, but on the other hand now i know what my life would be like to be a father, a good fiance, a provider, and a bread winner. I also have found out for the first time in my life how it would feel like to be so good at something that i would be recognized for it and relieve a promotion for it...This is where the story real begins. I was one week freshly kicked out of college and my friend give me a call. He told me they where holding tours and interviews for package handler and at one of the Major Shipping Companies in our local industry park. I ventured into the world of hard labor which till that date i had never worked such a job. I remember on my first day of work one of the regular package handlers told me " they hire alot because alot of people quit because they can't handle this job." I took it in stride. I wont lie on my first couple of days of unloading which is the process of unloading thousands of packages in about three and a half hours to be sorted and reloaded by other package handlers did scare me a bit. My first day i almost quite, thinking about how things would be so different  had i stayed in school but understood there was no looking back. I worked about a couple of months before i met the girl of my dreams and eventually the mother of my kids. She was so beautiful, so sexy, and so short lol. After dating for about 6 months my future  fiance got pregnant with my first child "Little Ruben". I pushed my self to become full time package handler at my job which would mean i would have to perform the hardest job which was to work in the load end and "load" trailers. As I learned the process I noticed that i was very good at this process and after just 2 weeks at performing my new job duties to include loading half the day and unloading the second half of the day I was Awarded Employee of the Month. For me this was a big award considering that the whole facility employs over 250 employees over two sorts. As my new son was finally born i striated to  move my self up the corporate ladder. After about 9 months of my first child being born my fiance was pregnant with my second child" little Claudia". At this point i understood that the money i made as a full time package handler was not enough to support 2 children and my woman. So every day i went to work i networked within my facility, worked hard, and eventually received the promotion to load coach. As i got this promotion it made me feel accomplished, as for the first time in my life I really felt like I had   done something amazing for I had never truly go the extra mile to receive something that only a few could reach. This also inspired me to reach even higher and to eventually become a manager. As for now i will be  the greatest trainer at my facility and enjoy the nice pay raise i received at work. I guess what I'm getting at is that we all plan to live this wild and crazy life that only the famous and rich live, but how many of us end up living the simple life, which i myself is more proud of the say if i was filming porn in L.A. Being a father is better  then anything i could have done with a college degree, and as i sit here and ponder making good money moving up even higher on the corporate ladder i find out that my true love is business management, i would have never learned this had i not gone through the hardships of life. Sometimes we need to be forced into different situations to find our true calling... So the next time something doesn't work out don't trip, just think what could come of it. Thanks