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Friday, January 14, 2011

Da Bears....Is it still a pipe dream to think Super Bowl?....NO! THERE FORREAL!

So its that time of the year again...When the REAL PLAYOFFS begin......The wild card round is finally over and its time for the divisional round.The only difference is that the bears are actually in it.... I also forgot to mention that they will be playing the 7-9 Seahawks. All i can say is we SHOULD win this game...I won't lie, I have already looked passed the Seahawks and started thinking about the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons. I truly think playing either of those teams would be a toss up, with the Bears getting a chance to defeat the Packers at home or the Bears having to venture to the Dirty South and take on those Falcons that no one's really talking about..... BUT THIS IS WHERE THE EPIPHANY BEGINS...WHAT IF, JUST WHAT IF THE BEARS NOT ONLY GO TO THE SUPER BOWL BUT ACTUALLY WIN IT! Its almost impossible to phantom. All I can say at this point is that  the football gods have been looking over us all season from the Calvin Johnson drop in week one against the Lions, to the win against Carolina with horrible 2nd string quarterback Todd Collins....All i know is if Jay Cutler can play his quarterback cards just right and Brian Urlacher and the defense stop the opponents just enough in the next two weeks we could just have a Bears vs. Patriots Super Bowl.I'm not sure how people are viewing this Bears team, but I know that little can stop them from achieving the ultimate goal, or at least making the Super Bowl, even though the Patriots is a whole other story. After the thrashing the Patriots gave Bears in week 14 I'm pretty sure no Bear wants to see them again, but if the football gods want to bless us one more time and take the Pats out this weekend...no one around here will be complaining. Who knows, maybe we could be saying "Bears, Super Bowl XLV Champions!" But for this week will just dream of beating the Seahawks.


  1. Exactly, Ru. One game at a time, although you can definitely tell you're enthusiastic about your team. Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm sure Lovie is getting his team to focus on beating the Seahawks, first and foremost.

    Enjoy that win, then focus on the next. The Super Bowl is still a long way away.

  2. ya i know what your saying, well after today we already figured out if the bears win they will be playing the packers for a trip to the super bowl. So lets get ready for todays game and see whats happen